Job Search Basics

Creating your account and posting your resume is easy!  The site will actually prompt you to create an account when you:

  • Perform a Job Search - search with a keyword that interests you, "Accounting" or "Welding" for example, and the site will ask you if you would like to save this search to have it run daily and those results emailed to you.  Entering your email address and clicking "Save Search" will create your account with us.  Shortly thereafter you will receive an email with a link that allows you to create your password and access your account.
  • Apply to a Job - If a job advertisement has the blue "Apply Now" button, you will be able to apply to that job instantly.  Depending on the job advertisement, the "Apply Now" button will either bring you to the website of the advertising company to apply OR allow you to apply right through our site.  When you apply instantly through our site, you are prompted to enter an email address and password and that will create your account - then simply upload or create your resume to finish applying to that job.
  • Click "Post your Resume" - The "Post your Resume" button is located near the top-right of most pages on the site.  When you click it, you are prompted to enter an email address and password.  Then click "Sign In".  You will then be logged into your new account, where you will be prompted to upload or create a resume.
  • Click "Create an Account" - The "Create an Account" button is located near the top-right of most pages on the site.

Several features and functions require you to sign in with Email and Password. The requirement protects your account. Anytime we ask for your password we provide a link: “Forgot your password?” Click the link to reset the password. This will require access to the email associated with your account.

The “Apply Now” button on a Job Posting indicates that online application is available. Click the button to begin.

Don’t share anything personal beyond your name. Information like Government ID or Social Security number, date of birth or banking information is only needed once you have your new job. Be careful if you are asked for that information before accepting an offer, (or anytime online.) When we ask for a zip/postal code, we use that to help you find a job. We don’t need your full address.