Local Jobs that Work.

RegionalHelpWanted.com operates over 450 local online job boards in the U.S. in strategic alliances with media partners in each local market, providing on-air campaigns designed to maximize the value of unsold media inventory with turnkey solutions that require NO economic or workforce investment.

RegionalHelpWanted.com partners with local broadcast stations to design, build and maintain web sites throughout the US. The goal of this partnership is to capitalize on the fact that most help wanted advertising is local (not national) and to get our unfair share of the daily newspapers' $8 billion in annual help wanted revenues... how it works

What Our Affiliates Say

I have been affiliated with RegionalHelpWanted.com in five markets and it couldn’t be easier. They handle all the details, manage the website and provide excellent customer service. The creative is outstanding and cuts through to the listener. We just schedule the spots and collect a check each quarter. It’s a very simple, effective way to generate revenue from my unsold inventory.

Kevin LeGrett
Clear Channel Communications
Rochester, New York