A-1 Rooftop Chimney Sweep Inc
    • 5284 S Wallbridge Rd, Deer Park, WA 99006
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    Chimney sweeping and sales

    Chimney technician

    Sweeping is never dull! Solid fuel heat systems require careful monitoring  and skillful operation. Earn $16 - 24.00,   Chimney sweeps examine and sweep  these systems.  Sweeps are hired to sweep and in doing so they also function as on the job fire prevention specialists on the lookout for unsafe conditions, improving  efficiency and educating  customers.  You will need to be able to travel to Deer Park daily.  Job applicants need a dol  driving transcript, willing to  drug test and background check.

    Visit http://A1rooftopchimneysweep.com to learn more about A-1 Rooftop Chimney Sweep Inc.