Top Jobs in Sonoma County, CA

Army National Guard Jobs
  • Lakeport, CA
  • 2/2/16
Job-Specific Career Training
Pave the way to a great future by joining the Army National Guard as a Concrete and Asphalt Equipment Crewmember. As such, you will help the Army National Guard complete any number of construction projects that require concrete or asphalt. And there are hundreds of them: airfields, roads, building foundations, and more. In this role, you may be responsible for producing concrete with a concrete mobile mixer; assisting in the building and operation of an asphalt producing plant;...
  • Petaluma, CA
  • 1/26/16
Flex hours, very diverse work
Green Mary Office Manager Position Vibrant green, very local company experiencing rapid growth. Needs a vibrant, rapid grower to build it together. What we do: Waste diversion and resource maximization at SF Bay Area public events, lots of public education, systems building, stretching to learn what more is possible in advancing powerful eco-agenda! Hours: while training 10-20 hours per week, Feb -April. Peak season May -October 20-30 hours per week. $20/hour to start. Raises based on mastery, supporting growth of the company ensures rapid advancement! Who you are, what you can do or will...
Nick's Cove Restaurant | Oyster Bar | Cottages Jobs
  • Marshall, CA
  • 2/8/16
A restaurant manager at the award-winning Nick’s Cove should expect to have high standards of excellence; be enthusiastic and engaged with upper management, our executive chef, staff and guests; maintain a professional environment at all times while still having fun; be composed and calm at all times even during the busiest of weekends and special events; always willing and able to lead by example and be the team player you want from your staff! We have a large staff and are located in one of the most spectacular places in California (or beyond) and we want to find someone to lead our team....