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Finance and Benefits Administrator

Finance and Benefits Administrator


The Finance & Benefits Administrator is responsible to oversee all financial aspects of the operation of Council65. This position prepares overall budget based on organizational priorities; schedules expenditures; analyzes benefit costs; interprets benefit policies and procedures;  develops and maintains financial recordkeeping; prepares and presents information for annual audit; advises management for needed changes or policies.  Additional duties may be assigned based on knowledge and ability.    



Accounts Payable:

  • Assurance of proper documentation of all company credit card charges and reimbursements for expenses
  • Process and pay organization expenses monthly
  • Oversee the entry and payment of incoming bills to assure that charges are correct and approval received by Executive Director prior to processing payment
  • Preparation and Distribution of monthly employee allowances, stipends, IRS mileage payments and expense checks
  • Creation and maintenance of Accounts Payable vendor files
  • Deposit monthly rebates to local’s bank accounts


  • Creation/maintenance of employee payroll files
  • Prepare ACH deposit of employee payroll
  • Prepare employee monthly dues checks that have been withdrawn from payroll, process payment to MIFSCA and AFSCME 65 for dues payments.
  • Assurance of timely introduction of step increases and subsequent changes in payroll deductions
  • Preparation and reporting involved with payroll, related reports, including but not limited to W-2’s, 1099’s, 940’s, 941’s and LM2
  • Semi-Monthly and Monthly payment of all payroll liabilities
  • Prepare Federal and State tax liability payments – semi-monthly, quarterly, and yearly
  • Calculation and regular evaluation of various payroll deduction amounts
  • Request business credit cards for all new staff and report changes and cancellations of business credit cards as requested
  • Advising management on cost-saving opportunities

Employee Benefits Administration:

  • Administer and monitor all employee benefits
  • Report all new hires, Board members and lost time employees to MN New Hire system
  • Process retired or terminated employee paperwork and stop or change benefits as required
  • Assist staff with benefit enrollment and/ or benefit changes
  • Communication with benefits providers and attendance at benefits meetings
  • Administration/ set up of all employee benefit accounts
    • Health Insurance
    • HRA
    • Dental Benefits
    • Life Insurance AFSCME
    • AFSCME Pension
    • Long Term Disability
    • Salary Savings Program AFSCME
    • ILL Independent Limited Liability Program
    • Etc…

Dues Deduction:

  • Manually enter all Monthly Dues rebate reports into bank ACH transaction list for direct deposit of rebates (update bank Local listings as needed) .
  • Prepare journal entries in QuickBooks for each local/chapters dues payments in and rebates out
  • Reconcile the dues processed to QuickBooks and bank accounts monthly and make adjustments as needed
  • Review Excel report for Local 105 LPN dues rebate breakdown by Local and send to Local 105 treasurer with per capita payment
  • Review AFL-CIO per capita payments and submit to Minnesota Area Labor Councils and South Dakota State Federation with payment details.
  • Process PEOPLE payments from Local monthly dues reports
  • Process any other required payments from the monthly local dues report (MAPE).

Bank Accounts:

  • Responsible for and oversee deposits, withdrawals and reconciliations of all banking and investment accounts for the Council  
  • Review gains and losses on investment accounts and advise Executive Director as needed               


  • Prepare projected salary, employee benefits, expenses and revenue for current year and the following year for review with the Executive Director, making changes and corrections as required
  • Create yearly Organizing, Political and South Dakota reports for yearly grant requests as needed
  • Prepare all additional budget related reports and spreadsheets as requested by Executive Director
  • Meet yearly with the Finance Committee to review budget to be presented to the Executive Board
  • Prepare yearly employee and health insurance report for Peter Benner and field questions as needed
  • Knowledge of when different organizational policies are due to conduct a review process and bidding to get the best price as possible on insurance and other coverages required for the organization.
  • Costing out of potential expenses related to Contract Negotiations


  • Assist in training of other office positions
  • Process yearly religious objector’s transactions as requested
  • Create, verify, and prepare letters for all Political Rebates in April of each year
  • Provide support and answer inquires as needed from office staff


  • Preparation of monthly financial statements including General Ledger, Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Budget Comparison and member numbers for Executive Director’s review
  • Prepare various reports and schedules for the yearly audit to be used to complete LM2 and 990 and assist with audit as needed; Meet yearly with Auditor and Trustees to review audit
  • Prepare yearly AFSCME Affiliates Census Report and Surety Bond Report
  • Prepare and make payment on monthly salary savings, pension plan, termination and term life reports
  • Update and report all salary changes using the Guardian on-line system for Long Term Disability
  • Prepare report for PEOPLE contributions to be emailed monthly and prepare wire transfer
  • Prepare yearly delegate report to be used for Council 65 convention
  • Coordinate and make appropriate reimbursements for the bi-yearly International Convention
  • Stay informed on current ACA for health insurance and prepare necessary reports and tax payments as required
  • Maintain compliance with the Department of Labor in all areas of accounting
  • Oversee all areas of the Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board online system and required reports
  • Update the Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board online system for all associated entries to the PAC account and prepare all associated reports by directed deadlines
  • Oversee yearly Lobbyist Disbursement Report


The Finance Manager must be able to work independently & with attention to detail.  This person must be professional when dealing with the public, Council 65 members, employers, and staff.  This person must be self-motivated and willing to assume duties and responsibilities. This person will be accountable to the Executive Director, and Field and Organizing Services Director as needed and in the absence of the Executive Director.


Bachelor’s Degree Preferred, or Associate of Applied Science in Accounting (2 year degree) and 5+ years’ experience in accounting environment. Training and experience, with emphasis, most importantly, on accounting, finance, best financial practices, budgeting, and Human Resource management regarding payroll and benefits administration. In addition, the following skills:

  • QuickBooks proficiency (or proficiency in other accounting software that would easily transfer over.
  • Microsoft Office programs proficiency
  • Qualifications to be bonded
  • Ability to become Notary
  • Department of Labor Reporting
  • Ability to discover financial errors or waste and make recommendations for the organization to the Executive Director
  • Ability to work effectively both independently and as a team member, on task and on time.
  • Work is performed from an assigned office
  • Overnight stays occasionally required
  • Vision and hearing acuity necessary.
  • Valid Minnesota Driver’s License
  • Must pass pre-employment physical and drug screening
  • Must pass background check and reference(s)
  • Must be able to lift 25 pounds


This position offers a positive working atmosphere, competitive starting base salary dependent on experience, plus a robust package of additional benefits including health, dental, vision, life insurance, long term disability, sick leave, vacation time, retirement plan (employer contributions are a % of your salary), IRS Mileage rate reimbursement. This position is covered under the Administrative Compensation Policy Excellent salary.

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