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Recharge Your Veterinary Career by Joining Our Growing Team

Veterinary Assistant

Lake Road Animal Hospital is a small animal general practice that strives to provide an elevated standard of care to both patients and clients, even as we are fully curbside.  We are currently looking to expand our devoted animal care team by adding a veterinary assistant.  Our practice employs multiple Fear Free Certified Professionals and is a certified Cat Friendly Practice.  We shuttered our boarding facility late in March, and are investigating how to transform that building into a feline only examination and treatment area to expand our "Cat Friendliness".  We also offer some advanced orthopedic surgeries and pain/mobility management treatments.  Our practice focuses on preventative care to extend the lives of our clients beloved furbabies.

Mask wear is required at all times while working and is a condition of employment.

Our veterinary assistants are responsible for all aspects of direct patient care.  Our veterinary assistants handle patients for both Licensed VeterinaryTechnicians (nurses) and veterinarians.  They care for our hospitalized patients, provide support for our nurses, ensure laboratory samples are handled properly, monitor anesthetized patients, assist with radiographs and surgery, answer the phones when no one else is available, make sure the floors are cleaned, the dishes are done, and the laundry is folded and put away.  They have recently added "Critter Concierge" to their list of duties, and this is fulfulling the role of the pet parent who may no longer enter the practice with their pet.  Our veterinary assistants collect the patient from the client in the parking lot, and then stay with that patient throughout the visit.  This means lots of playing, loving, and soothing of our patients.  It also means our veterinary assistants have become the face of Lake Road Animal Hospital and have the most in-person communication with our clients.  Without our veterinary assistants, our practice would grind to a halt!

A basic understanding of veterinary medicine is an advantage, but not necessary, as we will train the applicant that best meets the other skill criteria and meshes with our team.  The successful applicant will present a polished, professional, and smiling face (even behind a face mask!) no matter what chaos may be going on behind the scenes.  The successful applicant will be able to maintain positive interactions with clients experiencing a range of emotions.  Being self-motivated and able to maintain a consistent work pace are key to being successful in this position.  The ability to reprioritize tasks as unexpected situations arise will allow you to maintain your pace and complete work during a scheduled shift.  Successful applicants will have a strong interest in being part of a team that provides top-notch care to both patients and clients.  

Applicants must have full mobility and be able to lift 50 pounds on a regular basis.  Patient handling is a very physical job that requires the ability to twist, bend, kneel, and generally be comfortable being on the floor as much as standing. 

We encourage applicants who demonstrate outstanding communication skills, the ability to work in both a team environment and independently, and with a high level of integrity and accountability. This position welcomes  applicants with a sense of humor, enthusiasm, and a desire to learn. Applicants must be reliable (demonstrating consistent attendance), arriving at work on time, responsible, and hard working. Must be able to multitask, work well in sometimes stressful situations, and be detail oriented. 

Communication is vital in this position.  Clear communication, while wearing a face mask, in-person, over the phone, and through a variety of electronic methods is required. You must have a pleasant phone voice and understand that smiles can be heard over the phone and through a face mask.  As the primary personal contact between our practice and the public your ability to listen to understand and then relay information to the team is vastly important.

Lake Road Animal Hospital is fully computerized and utilizes a wide range of technologies to improve our clients' experience.  It is imperative that applicants be comfortable with learning and utilizing a variety of computer programs.  The ability to trouble-shoot minor issues that inevitably arise whenever computers are utilized is plus, but we do have a dedicated IT company to assist us. 

The ability to suspend personal judgement and be empathetic are essential.  Compassion for our clients is as important as compassion for our patients.

This position can be tailored to a part time position if necessary to add the right person to the team.  Compensation is hourly based on veterinary/animal experience, and ranges from $12.50 to $14.50 per hour.  In addition, our practice has a monthly bonus structure in place for all team members who have successfully completed their 60 day probation period.  If practice growth goals are met each month, team members receive a bonus.  Paid Time Off (for vacation, sick, and personal time) is earned on an accrual basis after 60 days of employment.  Full-time team members enjoy paid holidays, including your birthday.  We have a simple IRA with 3% match, offer a fully paid monthly health subscription (we do not offer health insurance at this time, but hope to add this benefit by mid 2021), and have an Employee Assistance Program.  We offer a pet care discount and a uniform allowance.  We have a team recognition app that allows team members to reward one another for modeling our core values.  Rewards earned can be redeemed for a wide variety of things from Amazon Gift Cards to Lake Road "swag".  Team schedules are flexible and rotate less desirable shifts equally among all team members. In addition, the team enjoys a plethora of treats, meals, and gifts year round from the practice leadership.

Lake Road Animal Hospital has a culture that values every team member equally, encourages creative collaboration to ensure all opportunites are maximized, and likes to have fun while working.  Team building activities are incorporated into regular meeting times, and we take time to celebrate one another.  Team members are provided opportunites to add or improve skills with Continuing Education funds.  The leadership team of Lake Road Animal Hospital is dedicated to maintaining highly engaged team members, by ensuring that each person's strengths are utilized and growing edges are improved.  We have created an environment where it is safe (and encouraged!) to share your ideas.  Our team communicates with one another continually, and genuinely likes one another.  Protecting the integrity of our team is our top priority, and only candidiates that are positively rated by the team will be considered for the final offer for employment.  

If you're interested in joining our team, please submit a cover letter and resume to Carrie Bowgren, Practice Manager.  Apply here, email directly to, or mail to Lake Road Animal Hospital 3065 Lake Road, Horseheads, NY 14845. No application materials will be accepted in person, as our practice is closed to the public.  Do NOT call the practice to ask about your application, as our phones are extremely busy due to curbside care.  Should you call to check on the status of your application, you will NOT be considered for the position. You may email Carrie directly if you are concerned about the status of your application materials.

The initial step in the interview process will be a phone interview with Carrie.  An outdoor or virtual interview will be scheduled with Carrie and our Lead Nurse if the phone interview is successful.  Finally, an observational interview will be scheduled for the final applicants so that the team may interact with you and you can see exactly what the job entails. 

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