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Trade organization management

Executive Officer

Delta County Board of REALTORS® - CEO Search

The Delta County Board of REALTORS® is searching for an Executive Officer to represent and manage our association. Submit resume and cover letter to the association office either by mail, email or in person.  Delta County Board of REALTORS®-     P.O. Box 26- 724 Main Street - Delta, CO 81416

Position Description:



            BASIC FUNCTION    Serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the Delta County Board of REALTORS®, responsible to the Board of Directors for the effective conduct of the affairs of the Board. Functions as a partner with the Chair in providing the leadership for the board. Recommends and participates in formulation of the Board’s policies. Plans, organizes, coordinates, controls and directs the staff, programs and activities of the Board.

Assures that objectives are attained, plans are fulfilled and member needs are met. Maintains effective internal and external relationships. Through leadership and management, achieves economical, productive performance, forward-looking programming and constructive growth of the Board.

This position will also manage business and financial functions for DCMLS Investments LLC as well as DCBOR Foundation.


Within the limits of the Board Bylaws and policies established by the Board of Directors, the EO is responsible for and has authority to accomplish the duties set forth below:

  • Assures that the Directors are kept fully informed on the condition of the Board and on all important factors influencing them. Attends all meetings of the Board of Directors.
  • Plans, formulates and recommends for the approval of the Directors basic policies and programs which will further the objectives of the Board.
  • Executes all decisions of the Directors when assignment is specifically made by the Directors.
  • Develops for the purpose of day-to-day administration specific policies, procedures and programs to implement the general policies established by the Board.
  • Establishes a sound organizational structure for the Board office
  • Plans the general administration of the entire Board office. Although some responsibilities may be delegated to other members of the staff (employees working in the Board office), the EO is aware of the responsibility of all actions of the Board staff.
  • Directs and coordinates all approved programs, projects and major activities of the board staff.
  • Strong working knowledge of technology and social media.
  • Shall attend the annual Association Executives Institute (AEI) when the budget allows. Travel expenses, accommodations, food and registration costs will be paid for by the Delta County Board of REALTORS®. The Board of Directors of the Board may, at its sole discretion, limit attendance and participation.
  • Shall attend the Colorado Association of REALTORS® (CAR) Convention and other state meetings sponsored by CAR as well as other meetings designated by the board.  Some overnight travel is required. Travel expenses, accommodations, food and registration costs will be paid for by the Delta County Board of REALTORS®. The Board of Directors of the Board may, at its sole discretion, limit attendance and participation.
  • Meet compliance standards of the National Association.


  • In conjunction with the President, provides necessary liaison and support to Committee chairs and enables them to properly perform their function. Maintains a close communication with all committees chairs, monitors their progress or lack thereof and suggests to them procedures, ideas and plans for progress in conjunction with the goals and objectives of the President and/or Directors.
  • Notification to members of policy and procedure changes.
  • Publish meeting minutes and membership reports.
  • Provide monthly accounting reports.
  • Provide timely information from CAR and NAR
  • Maintain accurate up-to-date membership rosters and report changes to state and national organizations.
  • Promotes interest and active participation in the Board’s activities on the part of the general membership and reports activities to the Directors and the general membership through the communications channel of the Board.
  • With Membership Chair, plans, organizes and directs membership promotion and retention program, evaluates results and recommends policies, procedures and action to achieve membership goals.
  • Is responsible for the official minutes of the Board of Directors and for other official meetings of the Board. Provides security for all files, legal and historic documentation, membership records and mailing lists.
  • Responsible for the planning, promotion and administration of all meetings for the Board.
  • Plans and supervises all communication to the general membership, including but not limited to the newsletter, general mailing and press releases.
  • Insures accurate membership reporting to the Directors and publishes up-to-date membership rosters as needed.
  • Attends as many local state and national REALTORS® meetings as possible and reports back to the Directors and general membership.
  • Handles complaints, problems, conflicts and differences of opinion between members and from the public. Responsible for the administration of the Board’s Professional Standards program in accordance with National, State and local Board policies.
  • Assists the Chair in the selection of Committee Chairs.
  • Maintains a good working knowledge of the Board Bylaws and policies.
  • Maintains effective relationships with other organizations, both public and private, and sees that the position of the Board and its members is enhanced in accordance with the policies and objectives of the Organization.
  • Acts as liaison and maintains a good working relationship with other related associations, governmental agencies and the Colorado and National Associations of REALTORS®.
  • Stays in close communication with the Board legal counsel, keeping counsel current on legal matters affecting this and other Boards or Associations. Acts as liaison between the legal counsel and the Board of Directors.
  • Maintains a current working knowledge of the National Association, Colorado Association, and the National institutes, societies and councils and their policies and procedures.
  • Ex-officio member of Colorado Real Estate Network (CREN) and all committees at the Board level.


  • Strong bookkeeping skills using Quick Books.
  • Responsible for the accurate payment and reporting of dues to the State and National Associations.
  • Responsible for the fiscal operations of the Board, including accounts receivable and payable.
  • In coordination with the Board of Directors, develops, recommends and upon approval, operates within the annual budget. Insures that all funds, physical assets and other property of the Board are appropriately safeguarded and administered.
  • Collects dues and informs the Directors of delinquent members.
  • Responsible for payroll: paychecks, State and Federal withholding and reporting, reimbursements and record keeping.



  • Assists in recruiting and hiring Board staff. Indoctrinates trains and motivates all Board staff. Responsible for recommending salary levels, and all promotion and terminations of Board staff within the budget of the Board.
  • Obtains maximum utilization of the board staff by clearly defining their duties, establishing performance standards, conducting periodic performance reviews and recommending competitive salary structures.
  • Responsible for routine maintenance of the Board office and grounds.       


            Establishes and maintains positive working relationships and communication of mutual respect with the       following:

  • Members
  • CEO’s and leadership of contiguous Boards/Associations
  • Officers and Directors of the Board
  • Committee Chairs and Members
  • Affiliate members of the Board
  • Retained consultants of the Board (including legal counsel and Board accountants)


  • Perform routine performance evaluation of staff
  • Coordinate vacation times
  • Responsible for organization of office
  • Responsible for all Board correspondence
  • Responsible for all meeting notices
  • Handle all incoming mail, call and walk-in visitors and refer to appropriate parties
  • Periodically purge files, archiving those required
  • Maintain all equipment in good working condition, ordering repairs as needed
  • Maintain and utilize a petty cash fund
  • Perform routine maintenance of computer equipment, including data backups and data maintenance
  • Compile, place and track orders for office supplies


            Directors:   Prepare agendas and materials for meetings. Record minutes, provide input and information                                          for decision making.

            General Membership:  Coordinate with the host, time, place, equipment, instructors, speakers, programs and meals as needed for Directors meetings and general membership meetings.

  • Coordinate to assure monies are collected and meeting room is paid for
  • Arrange for necessary gifts, invitations, introductions and recognitions.
  • Work with program chairs in preparing interesting and beneficial programs. Work to maintain good attendance at meetings.


  • Oversee and manage new member orientation including the content, instructors, material and registration.
  • Contract with instructors for courses
  • Coordinate with CAR as needed (schedule of classes, provision of materials, payment of CAR fees and instructor fees/withholding, etc)
  • Market Education Courses
  • Record class attendance, collect tuition
  • Prepare cost analysis
  • Coordinate time, place, equipment, supplies, etc.


  • Membership meeting reports
  • Membership report
  • Notices of special meetings and functions


  • Bill for annual dues
  • Discover and back bill unpaid dues
  • Update membership records continually
  • Post all dues payments
  • Track new applicants through orientation and ethics classes.


Successful Candidate

  •             Any offer of employment shall be contingent on the successful completion of a back ground investigation and credit check.

Or, apply to this job:

By Mail

PO Box 26 Delta, CO 81416

Visit to learn more about DELTA COUNTY BOARD OF REALTORS.