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  • Immediately
  • 20-25 Hour
  • Mahomet, IL 61853
  • Telecommute
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Executive Assistant

Job Title:                         AgriSphere, LLC Executive Assistant

Job Type:                        Part-Time OR Full-Time Employee (depending on applicant)

Compensation Type:       Hourly Pay

Hours/Work Sched:         Primarily during normal business hours (Mon-Fri., 8 AM – 5 PM CST) as assigned

Location of Work:            Home Office unless otherwise directed; in-person meetings with AGS staff as required

Benefits:                          Unpaid Vacation, No Health, Retirement Available

Department:                    Corporate (interact with all departments)

Manager:                         President / CEO, AgriSphere, LLC    Date last update:             March 22, 2018


This AgriSphere, LLC Executive Assistant (AEA) position assists in the support of all aspects of AgriSphere, LLC’s Corporate Operations as they relate to personnel, customers, business management functions, and AgriSphere’s products and services through tasks and activities assigned or requested of them by AgriSphere Executive Management (AEM). In this position, a person will interact directly with AgriSphere, LLC management and customers by acting as the administrative point of contact between AgriSphere management and internal/external personnel and clients.  The AEA may be asked to receive and direct calls, route correspondence, take dictation, arrange meetings/appointments/travel, monitor supplies, produce reports, perform routine financial activities, and assist with product/program/service documentation as directed, overseen, and approved by AEMs.  

AgriSphere, LLC is a small but growing company. While this position is primarily for executive administrative assistance, AgriSphere requires that all employees perform all duties of which they are capable when requested to ensure the ultimate success of the business and satisfaction of the customer.  The person filling this role will be as much a resource to support AgriSphere’s overall growth as they will be a resource to support AgriSphere’s managerial team, product groups, client projects and expectations, and consulting service offerings. 


In this position, a person may expect to perform some or all of these functions at the direction of AEMs:

   B U S I N E S S    A D M I N I S T R A T I V E    D U T I E S


•  Assist AEMs daily with general operation and management of business functions as requested; this may include, but not be limited to:

o Coordinating schedules, emails / communications, phone messaging, customer follow-ups and other internal and external time and information management activities.

  • Documentation and/or Program information compiling, reporting, filing and organization as directed by AEMs.  This may include policies, procedures, forms, and/or training documentation.
  • Assist with compiling, organizing, processing, and report generation of program information for customers / AgriSphere archives.
  • Assist with the administrative needs related to all products, programs, and services, as requested.
  • Setting up meetings, activities, coordinate travel plans, etc., as required or requested.
  • Assist with tracking subscriptions, online services or memberships and other business assets as needed.
  • Assist with the coordination and tracking of resources, materials, supplies, tools, equipment, and other items as required.
  • Interact with clients and/or vendors, when required or requested.
  • Special project assistance or customer-related activities as required or requested.

Perform all other business administrative-related duties that may be assigned by AEMs.


• Provide assistance with consulting and program support services for AgriSphere customers, which may include, but is not limited to:

o Assist with creating, and organizing a new customer’s product, program, project, or service based on their needs and as requested by AEMs – this includes assisting with proposals, policies, procedures, training, forms, etc.

o Answer customer questions and/or proactively provide program-related information to customers during the course of AgriSphere’s service to the customer.

o Assist in organizing, managing, and pushing product and program-related updates and communication to customer stakeholders – AgriSphere program updates, AgriSphere software or client portal updates, general notifications, etc.

o Receive customer feedback and coordinate with AEMs and other AgriSphere resources to address issues, answer questions, or generally improve the customer experience.

Assist with all other safety / risk-management-related and AgriSphere program-related duties that may be assigned by AEMs.

   S A L E S  A N D  V A L U E - A D D  R E L A T E D D U T I E S


• Assist with coordination of conference, tradeshow, convention, and other sales and marketing activities as requested by AEMs, such as:

o Coordinate/schedule sales calls, meetings, product demonstrations, and travel for AEMs as requested.

o Positively engage with potential and existing customers to continue to market AgriSphere programs.

  • Produce reports, charts, posters, or presentations as requested or required by AEMs.
  • Attend meetings as requested to take dictation and/or meeting minutes for disbursement to the AEM     team.
  • Assist AEMs in developing Sales Proposals or Sales/Marketing Materials related to AgriSphere products and services.

Assist with all other sales, marketing, and promotion-related duties that may be assigned by AEMs.

    A G R I S P H E R E   S O F T W A R E    R E L A T E D     D U T I E S


•  Receive (via email or phone call) and direct to the proper resource any software-related requests or issues as submitted and/or directly assist customer user within scope of abilities.  These issues may include, but are not limited to:

o New user account activation / existing user account modification or deactivation

o User account issues / misconfiguration problems

o Function / performance issues related to AgriSphere products / software / tools

o Customer’s infrastructure issues related to their internet, computer / hardware, or other factors

o Security and data connectivity issues

•  Interact with AgriSphere’s technical support team as needed or requested by AEMs.

Assist with all other AgriSphere software-related duties that may be assigned by AEMs.


This position is critical in the overall growth and development of AgriSphere’s business and core program/product groups.  The person in this position will coordinate frequently with AEMs to ensure a structured and planned work schedule, agenda, and prioritization of work activities. They will use all required tools, systems, reporting methods, etc. as requested of them from AgriSphere, LLC to ensure a monitored and managed approach to their work assignments.

This position will require very little travel to no travel in order to engage with AgriSphere customers or perform support functions. In the rare event that  assistance is needed, the ability and willingness to travel for special projects is greatly appreciated.

As a team, all AgriSphere personnel work to ensure that our customers always receive the service they deserve.  This means that certain projects, activities, or customer-specific requests / issues / situations may require after hours, weekend, and holiday engagement to support business operations and customer service requests.


  • AEA must have proven experience as an executive administrative assistance, senior executive assistance or in another advanced administrative assistant role such as paralegal or legal secretary duties.
  • AEA must be proficient in professional writing skills including creating and following standardized formats, organization of information, and work/language usage with accuracy, completeness, and proper grammar.

•     AEA must be proficient in verbal communication skills for phone and face-to-face interactions, meetings, conversations, and discussions.

•     AEA must be strong in record-keeping and data organization/management; they must be able to thoroughly and efficiently support the hours they work and the tasks / activities / projects / etc. they complete.

•   AEA must have a pleasant, customer-service mentality with a focus on putting customer and managerial needs first.

•   AEA must have strong attention to detail and the ability to organize themselves and others, as required.

•   AEA must be have the ability to self-manage, work independently in a remote ‘virtual’ office setting, multi-task and prioritize assignments to meet tight deadlines.

•     ASPM must be capable of and willing to learn new skills, industry knowledge, and other capabilities that may be required of this position.


•   Strong typing skills and ability to file, both physically and electronically, in an efficient and organized manner.

•   Ability to manage work, schedules and calendars for themselves and others.

•   AEA will use Microsoft Office Suite programs effectively including Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

•   AEA will know or learn how to use AgriSphere software, web-based software or services, and other tools and resources, as required.

•   AEA will know how to use Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive and other file sharing tools, as required.

•   AEA will know or learn how to use Microsoft SharePoint or other enterprise management platforms, as required.

•   AEA will know or learn how to use Nitro PDF management software, as required.

•   AEA will know or learn how to use Intuit QuickBooks or other financial accounting systems, as required

•     AEA will have or be provided and know how to use technical hardware required to perform job duties and work assignments.

•   AEA will have adequate Internet connectivity in their office to perform job duties and work assignments


 •   Two-year college degree in business management, office administration or similar role is a plus, but not required.

 •   The ideal candidate will have with previous experience as a Secretary, Executive Assistant, Legal Secretary or Paralegal.

       •    Any experience with the agriculture industry is a plus, but not required.

 •   Experience in small or start-up companies is a plus, but not required.


All necessary equipment, including, but not limited to, personal computer / laptop, phone, internect connectivity, and office supplies, will be provided.


Compensation:  $20-$25 / hr. depending on experience and credentials

Work Schedule: Part-time or full-time; normal business hours Monday-Friday; state and federal holidays observed

Expense Reimbursement: pre-approved expenses reimbursed at cost

Vacation:  2 weeks un-paid vacation for first 12 months; afterwards negotiable