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What is partners with local broadcast stations to design, build and maintain web sites throughout North America. The goal of this partnership and the web site is to help broadcasters build a brand that generates revenue from recruitment dollars that are difficult for broadcast outlets to attract. Since most help wanted advertising is local, rather than national, this program gives broadcasters an opportunity to get a share of the $8 billion in annual help wanted revenues*  Back to Top

*source: Borrel’s Recruitment Marketing Outlook

What does REGIONALHELPWANTED.COM want from broadcasters?

REGIONALHELPWANTED.COM partners with 2 to 4 radio and/or television groups in each market. We ask for commercial time to promote the site. Specifically you commit to run twenty-four 60s per week per station, on a 24 hour rotation, Monday-Sunday.  Back to Top

What's in it for the Broadcasters?

The broadcast groups split 70% of the net classified revenues generated from the site. keeps 30%.  Back to Top

How does the web site make money?

The on-air promotion sends job seekers and employers to the website. Once there, employers place ads, just like any other classified ad site. The difference here is that the broadcasters receive 70% of the revenues. We support the revenue generation effort with a full Customer Service department as well as ongoing telemarketing efforts to grow our business.  Back to Top

When do the radio groups see their share of the money?

Checks are sent to the radio partners quarterly. You can check the site's revenues at any time by going to a password-protected portion of the site as often as you like.  Back to Top

How can someone view a site?

Check out Based in Poughkeepsie, New York - a market of approximately 500,000 people -- it's our oldest site. It's generating two million page views and over $100,000 per month.  Back to Top

How much work is it for the radio stations?

None. Once you agree to work with us, we do all the heavy lifting. You just run the ads and we do the rest.  Back to Top

Who sells the ads to the Employers/Recruiters?

We both do. Employers who hear the spots can go to the website themselves and place their ads. In addition RHW also has an in-house telemarketing sales team to grow the business from one-time customers into long-term clients.  Back to Top

Who produces the radio commercials for the web site?

Dick Orkin's Famous Radio Ranch -- in our humble opinion, the best creative talent in radio.  Back to Top

Why partner with rather than doing it alone?

You could. But think about the investment you would have to make. You would have to develop the site, populate it with ads and then hire one or more sales people to focus on recruitment. Time is money, and there are many other things you can do to generate revenue. By working with us, you can capitalize on what has learned - it's successes and failures.  Back to Top

Does work with just one radio group in a market?

No. Unlike other revenue programs and network concepts, believes that in the Recruitment Advertising Game... the "spoils go to the Big Boys". If were to work with just one broadcast group and the site were to become a great success the broadcast group down the street starts their own site and then a third group does the same thing. The result is that the public becomes confused and instead of focusing on a great recruitment solution in your market, the broadcasters begin fighting among themselves about whose employment site is the best. By working together we increase the likelihood of winning a bigger piece of the local help wanted classified advertising dollars. Think about the increased reach and frequency that can be generated with several broadcasters working cooperatively to dominate the market. If you insist on working alone with us (which is something we don’t recommend), we adjust our revenue split to 65/35 split (instead of our normal 70/30 split). However, we truly believe that everyone will make more money by creating the BIGGEST web site in town. And that is done by working cooperatively with your competitors  Back to Top

There are a ton of Help Wanted web sites. What makes different?

One word: Local. Go to all the big names (, CareerBuilder, etc.) and what you see are high paying jobs... usually only from national companies with locations in your market. RHW targets local companies who are looking for local help - local employers looking for local employees. Taken altogether these local help wanted ads bring in more than $8 billion per year to the recruitment advertising industry.  Back to Top

Do I need to hire salespeople to help sell recruitment ads on the RHW site?

You don't need to do ANYTHING. We designed this to be a turnkey operation. RHW hires Direct Marketers who work from our Denver offices. They place calls in your market to sell local businesses that advertise on other websites and in local newspapers and convert them to into RHW advertisers.  Back to Top

Do the radio/TV partners get 70% of total revenues?

You receive 70% of the Collected Net Classified Revenues. This equals the Collected Gross Classified Revenues minus Variable Expenses. Variable Expenses are: a) transaction costs paid to a bank or other financial institution, b) cost of telemarketing, direct marketing, advertising production and/or Direct Marketer(s), if any, c) cost of monthly fax blasting and/or e-mail blasting, if any, d) Web hosting fees. Variable expenses are guaranteed to not exceed 20% of gross revenues.  Back to Top

The Daily Newspaper is part of a big national Web Site. Isn't that a problem?

No. Their site is first and foremost simply a listing of their printed ads. They may have a relationship with one of the big national boards, but those sites often have high-salary national jobs. And it's only promoted in their newspaper. We have the power of broadcast on our side, along with a number of products and features, like free resume services Plus offers many more features to the prospective employer, like free resume searching.  Back to Top

The radio stations have web sites with recruitment ads. What about that?

We know. Many stations have web sites from which they are making some money. But your web site and are not mutually exclusive. You keep selling and we will too.  Back to Top

How do stations get started?

Call Eric Straus at 917-719-5920 or e-mail Eric at  Back to Top

What groups are you working with?

Depending on market, we work with a variety of groups, including some of the biggest names in the industry.  Back to Top

Isn't this an Internet initiative? Won't I need corporate approval?

No...this is not an internet initiative. Most groups call it like it is...kind of a fancy PI. You run spots, you get revenues. The fact is, this has little or nothing to do with any Internet initiative(s) you may be involved in. It's NTR with no work.  Back to Top