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  • Waterford, NY
  • 7/24/15
Warehouse Worker - Swing Shift Rotation
Life is too short for the wrong job!
Stone Management Warehousing, Logistics, Transportation TIMES UNION 2014 and 2015 TOP PLACES TO WORK *SWING SHIFT* FULL TIME WAREHOUSE WORKER (Mix shift of days and nights, 2 days on 6am-6pm, 3 nights on 6pm-6am, etc., with days off in between each shift - example only) Life is too short for the wrong job! At Stone Management, you will be a part of a collaborative team environment. We are a high energy, fast paced environment where everyone has a voice. In our daily and weekly team meetings, you will have the opportunity to express your thoughts and ideas. Our company prides itself on...

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KL Harring
  • None
  • 7/16/15
Husband and Wife Team Trucking Job
Bonus Opportunities: Additional Incentive bonus of $0.02 per mile Additional Fuel bonus (MPG) up to $0.03 per mile Level 1, 2 & 3 Inspection
  • None
  • 7/21/15
Land Leveler
Approximate square footage of project : Less than 500. Reason for grading: Other (prep for hot tub).
  • None
  • 7/22/15
Geometry Tutor
I have to take the Regents level Geometry state test in August and am in need of tutoring to refresh my memory and help me pass.